Discover Clips by Keyword

How to use the Discovery tool to select clips by keyword

Written by Lucas Smith
Updated over a week ago

This step-by-step guide will show you how to use Imaginario AI's powerful keyword Discovery tool to quickly find a collection of relevant clips.

  1. Click on the Discovery lightbulb in the left sidebar.

  2. Choose the video(s) you wish to analyze and select them by checking the box in the upper left corner of their preview image.

  3. After choosing your video(s), select “Find keywords” towards the top left of the screen.

  4. You’ll see a word cloud with keywords taken from Imaginario AI’s analysis of the video(s).

  5. To the left of the word cloud, select the number of clips you’d like to generate and how long you would like them to be.

  6. Select a topic from the word cloud to generate your clips.

  7. Imaginario AI will process your request and generate the selected number of relevant clips.

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