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Using Highlight-to-Edit to Create Clips
Using Highlight-to-Edit to Create Clips

How to use the Highlight-to-edit feature to create clips from video transcripts

Written by Lucas Smith
Updated over a week ago

One of Imaginario AI's most powerful features is the ability to create clips directly from its automatically generated video transcripts. Here's how:

  1. To see a video's transcript and access the highlight-to-edit feature, click on the highlighter icon in the bottom left corner of a video preview pane from your home section or a folder.

  2. From the Transcription screen you'll be able go through a transcript of your video. (You can also make corrections to the transcript. Please see the accompanying article: Using the Transcription Tool.)

  3. Highlight the section of dialogue you'd like to turn into a clip.

  4. Click on the option to "Clip" that section of dialogue.

  5. Your clip will appear in the button right corner of the transcription screen. You can create more than one clip from a transcript.

  6. From that preview pane you can edit, download, delete, save, or add your clip to a collection.

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